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January 19, 2015
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In Brief:

We're an online correspondence school with more than 60 courses taught by writers for writers. Lessons come to you by e-mail. There is no "brick-and-mortar" classroom. There is no specific "class time" for you to be at your computer.

Your course starts the Monday after you register and lasts for 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

For people too busy to do a weekly assignment, we also offer 'Extended' courses which last twice as long and cost slightly more. Explain this to me.

Most courses are basic. The few with prerequisites are so marked.

Prices are low, and there is a 10-day full-refund drop period if you don't like what you see. has been around since 1998 and has consistently been one of the largest internet-based writing schools on the Web. For more information, visit our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Decision, Decisions:

To have us help you create a course program specific to your special needs, Call or email us. It's not possible to do this on a web site because your needs are special.

Call us at 813-236-7509 (US, eastern time) or email us at

School News:

Long time (like since we started in 1998) teacher Patrika Vaughn is back. Vaughn took time off to relocate. Her courses are now open once more to registrations:

Body-Build Your Story
Book Promotion
Book Promotion Through Talk Shows
Book Promotion Timetable Workshop
Choosing Your Voice
Dialect Writing
Make 'Em Care!
Openings that Hook Readers
Seven Common Writing Problems
Stalking the Markets
Start Here

Visit our Catalog page to read more about each of these courses.

Start the new year with our discounts! We're offering 25% off on courses listed in our newsletter — and until the next newsletter comes out. Click here to see our current newsletter (and others too).


Today's Featured Course:

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of about 60 courses

Editing for Writers with Cindy Davis

Self-editing is probably the most difficult part of writing. Fine tuning the manuscript, seeing the flaws, imagining how the words sound to the reader, and then garnering the courage to rework them is daunting. ... During this class, we'll work on toning things down, tightening things up—a diet for your manuscript.

Today's Writing News:
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Charlie Hebdo stands in long tradition of provocative humor

Charlie Hebdo, the satirical weekly that lost 12 staff in a terrorist gun attack last week, is one of a diverse group of publications and comics around the world determined to push the boundaries of taste and acceptable expression.


Top 7 Online Tools for Writers
the Independent Publishing Magazine

Online writing tools, on the other hand, will help you get organized, start with a clean slate, take notes at any time, kill distractions and find a way out of a writer's block.

2014 in Review: The Best of Writer Beware
Writer Beware
Welcome to 2015! It's time again for our annual look back at the year just past, to remind you of our most important, helpful, or amusing posts.

How a Self-Help Blog Generated 100,000 Email Subscribers
If you were to go back and interview James Clear's high school English teachers, none of them would identify him as a particularly talented writer.

When Social Media Marketing Doesn't Work
Social Media Today

Sometimes in the neon-hyped, guru-saturated social media world we overlook a simple truth. Your goal is not to create conversations. It's not having the most friends, followers and Likes. It's not about betting it all on the hope of a viral video. You know what business is really about? Selling more stuff for more money and beating your competitors.

The New York Times Accidentally Invented a New Country, and the Internet's in Love Visit scenic Kyrzbekistan!
Sometimes a mistake is so embarrassing, it cycles all the away around the shame circle and becomes kind of awesome. Today's case in point: Kyrzbekistan, a country accidentally invented by a New York Times piece that meant to reference the Central Asian nation Kyrgyzstan.

An Author's Field Guide To Internet Trolls
The Internet Troll (webicus infuriatum) is a hardy, highly adaptable family of parasites with established populations all over the web. Most leading Techno-Naturalists classify it as a viral organism due the fact that it reproduces by infecting members of targeted populations. Once exposed to webicus, susceptible individuals soon display the aggression, vitriol and boorishness which are the identifying hallmarks of all Trolls.

This Week's Essay:




ESSAY: eBook and Print Publishing Timelines and some notes

In the last newsletter I talked about eBook publishing and I mentioned timelines. How long does it take for your book to be published, once you're done creating the manuscript?

In days of yore and using a traditional print publisher: Years.

Today, using eBook publishing for yourself: Minutes.

I exaggerate (well, slightly) and there are variations. But today is a wonderful new day for authors who wish to be published quickly. Let's summarize:

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Five Easy Steps to Registering for a Course:

1) Click on the COURSE CATALOG button at the top left in the Navigation area. That takes you to an alphabetical listing of all courses. (So will clicking on the link here.)

2) Scroll down, reading the mini-descriptions, to find a course that interests you.

3) Click on that course name to read a full description, course outline and teacher biography.

4) At the bottom of that individual course description page are links to use to register for the course. One link is for checks and money orders, the other for credit and debit cards.

5) When we receive your registration, we'll assign a start date, usually the next Monday, and notify your teacher.

Not sure about us?

Read our FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions) page. If you have questions not answered there, e-mail us at In the US you may also call 813-236-7509.

But know this too: started in 1998 and, with more than 60 courses, is one of the oldest and largest schools on the web. We have taught students, thousands of them, from most of the countries of the world.

We don't cheat people. We don't even see your credit cards; that's one reason we use PayPal. No other school offers a ten-day no-questions-asked refund.

The only question is: Will you work hard at learning the information? That is the biggest single determinant of success.

Why are the classes so expensive?

The short answer is: They are not. Some of these same courses are or were taught by the same teachers, for major universities, and at a fee as much as 3-5 times higher.

Keep in mind that the most expensive form of education is personal experience. Having the benefit of our teachers' personal experience is a lot cheaper than starting from zero yourself.

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Writers College was founded in 1998 to teach online courses in fiction and nonfiction. Under fiction we cover everything from creating characters, children's books, choosing voice, crime and mystery, romance, novels, short stories and more. We have poetry and haiku courses and a greeting card course. Under nonfiction we cover travel writing, magazines, books, biography, history, memoir, newspaper and more. Production issues cover blog marketing, book promotion, grammar and editing, the nonfiction writing business, photography for writers, promotional writing, and several technical writing courses.....