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February 9, 2016


to the largest Web-based
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Thank you for visiting us! Writing is no easy task. But we're here to help you.

We're an online correspondence school with more than 60 courses taught by writers for writers. Lessons come to you by e-mail. There is no "brick-and-mortar" classroom. There is no specific "class time" for you to be at your computer.

Your course starts the Monday after you register and lasts for 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

Prices are low, and there is a 10-day full-refund drop period if you don't like what you see.

I like taking courses online for the convenience of going to school without having to wash my face or put on makeup. It's nice to sit at the computer with my morning coffee, reading and typing.... has been around since 1998 and has consistently been one of the largest internet-based writing schools on the Web. For more information, visit our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Decisions, Decisions:


If you have questions about one of our courses or even just about some aspect of writing that puzzles you, just ask.

Visit our FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions) page and our Student Handbook for some answers to common questions.

But do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We love to talk about writing. Call us at 813-236-7509 (US, Eastern Time — expect to leave a message and we'll call back) or email us at

School News:


Prices Reduced!

Effective immediately, (Thursday, 28 January, 2016) all course prices have been reduced.

The new prices for the courses are:

$90 for a 4-week course
$134 for a 6-week course
$180 for a 8=week course

No idea how long we may keep this low price offer. So hop on it!

Click here to visit our course catalog.

Today's Featured Course:

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of about 60 courses

Striptease Writing
(Show, Don't Tell)

Good writing reveals rather than explains. Learn to get out of the way and let readers experience the episodes, events and people you're writing about.

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of about 60 courses

Today's Writing News:
(Weekly summaries archived in our newsletter)

John Updike on How to Have a Productive Daily Routine, and the Most Important Things Aspiring Writers Should KnowTry to develop actual work habits and, even though you have a busy life, try to reserve an hour, say, or more a day to write. Very good things have been written on an hour a day. . . .
(thanks to Allen Taylor's Content Letter for this tip)

Journalism is never a popularity contest
Shining a spotlight on the powerful is rarely popular....It's why now, when newspapers are firing staff, enduring strikes and closing offices, journalism is more important than ever.

The Fair Contract Initiative
Last year, the US-based Authors Guild announced its Fair Contract Initiative, whose goal is "to shine a bright light on the one-sided contract terms that publishers typically offer authors and to spur publishers to offer more equitable deals."

Reactions Coming Soon to Facebook as Like Button Alternative
The "Like" button is one of the features that helped Facebook become popular. There have been complaints that the universal Like button is not very useful when it comes to upsetting topics like a death, illness, terrorist attack or divorce.

3 Ultimate Ingredients to Define Your Brand
Here's the hard truth: nobody cares about your brand....On average, people encounter 20,000 brands every day....Standing out among the 20,000 is the most pressing concern facing brands today. How are you going to grab the attention of your audience?

Creating a Character
NOTE: This is an odd one. Author Lee Child writes about how he created the character of Jack Reacher. It runs 11 pages inside his book Killing Floor.
Click Here and then "Go Inside" the book and scroll down to his 11-page explanation of how he started writing and how he developed his character.


This Week's Essay:

What Makes Great Fiction?

This arose from a debate I got into with some fiction writers. The original issue was whether any fiction book whose story was not "character-driven" could be great literature. In reality most books are both plot and character driven, with the percentages of those varying.

I would say that Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea is a character-driven book. (Man struggles all day to catch fish too big to haul into boat. Man rows back to shore with fish tied alongside. Shark eats fish.) The plot is almost beside the point.


One of my favorites, Moby Dick, appears on its surface to be plot-driven ("let's find and kill the white whale") but is, in reality, character driven (Ahab is physically and mentally disabled by a completely indifferent sea and is driven mad in his desire for meaningless vengeance).

Click to read more

This Week's Blog:

Offices—Part One: Life in an office

I'm sure everyone's heard the Takin' Care of Business song by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. I like the melody but am always annoyed by the lines:

. . . Look at me I'm self-employed
I love to work at nothin' all day . . .



Photo by David R. Tribble ("Loadmaster") at WikiCommons.

It's been my experience that reality is just the opposite. Staff jobs may or may not be intense, full-time efforts. But being self employed is an order of magnitude more intense and time-consuming. I get no paid vacation, no company medical benefits or retirement, no time off when I'm sick, no days off for holidays, and my cruel employer—me—makes me work 16-hour days and on weekends too. Overtime pay? Fuggedaboutit. Social Security tax? I pay double. My work life is like something out of a Dickens novel set in 19th century Britain, just without the lung disease.

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